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Italian Love Porcelain Plate "Ciao Amore"


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Embrace the poetic romance of Italy with the "Ciao Amore" porcelain plate. More than a dish, it’s a sentiment, a memory, a moment captured. This plate, adorned with the tender greeting "Ciao Amore," embodies the heartbeats and fleeting moments that make life beautiful.

Designed meticulously in Italy's renowned artisan workshops, each plate is a testament to timeless craftsmanship and passionate storytelling. With every glance, it whispers stories of affectionate hellos and hard goodbyes, moments of anticipation, and the bittersweetness of parting.

Gift it to a loved one as a cherished memento, or use it to serve memorable meals, ensuring every gathering is enveloped in warmth and nostalgia.


  • Origin: Crafted with Love and Precision in Italy
  • Dimensions: Elegantly sized at 6.4 inches, making it ideal for both display and use.
  • Weight: A delicate yet sturdy 7.1 oz (200 g) to last for generations.

With the "Ciao Amore" plate, every meal becomes a love letter, every gathering a treasured memory.