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Our History…

Once upon a time, a brave, little girl with lovely goldilocks from Southern Europe began to dream big, wide, and far. One day she packed her suitcase and left home to discover the world with her own eyes. 

She admired the different cultures, flavors, scents, and traditions from each country she stepped foot in during her extensive journey. But it was fashion that became her infatuation. She learned that people use clothing to express themselves through design, colors, and fabrics. Not only do the garments differ according region, but with the attitudes people carry with them.  She found that people wear their history, their culture, their being and their soul on their shoulders. She realized why prominent fashion designers get inspired by traditional outfits. She saw reverence and honor in Japan's silk and satin; she discovered joy and warmth in the wool from Peru. She felt the magic and spirituality in the embroidery from India. Her heart would never be the same.

As if these epiphanies weren't enough, during her odyssey, she also found love in the most wonderful and supportive man. Their love gave birth to  Theodore – 'Theo' – a vigorous little boy with golden hair. Theo inspired her in the many ways that only a mother can grasp. Children grow up so fast, and she wanted to be a part of her child's confidence, attitude, and creativity. While dressing Theo, she would tell him marvelous tales inexorably intertwined with stories from her travels around the world. This is how the idea of Hera + Hermes came to life. 

"After so many years in the corporate world, I realized that now I have the opportunity in life to make some real changes. I decided to give all I have - my work ethic, my experience, my passion for fashion mixed with my travels around the world, I took advantage of connections that I had made through the years and created a business that we decided to call Hera + Hermes | Kids Fashion Store (or how we internally call it "Your Magic Sailing Wardrobe"). Inspired by Greek Mythology, Hera because she was the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth and Hermes, the messenger of the Gods with the wings attached to his hat and sandals."

What is Hera + Hermes?

Hera + Hermes is an online boutique specializing in fashionable, high-end attire and accessories for babies and young children aged 0-6. We see our children as our clients and pay special attention to their needs, but mostly to their dreams. Just like our children, our clothing is lively, bold, colorful, and fun to wear every day.

We decided to make our way across seven seas to find the best and the brightest fashion for this demographic. We are prepared to deliver this fabulous fashion to every child and parent who wants to experience it. 

Our exclusive selection of more than 50 finest brands is what sets us apart from all the others in this market. Seize the opportunity to become the fashion designer for your children!  

The concept of giving and sharing is something we genuinely believe in, so we have a program in place where a percentage of each sale is going to charities that our customers want to support.

Please share your experiences with us. Send us stories and photos, in any form, that illustrate your unique relationship with the children in your life. Join our Hera + Hermes community, Facebook, Instagram, or write to us directly at

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Hera + Hermes –The company

The Founders:

The two founders of Hera + Hermes have a long history of compelling professional experience. Marijana, the CEO, has seventeen years of experience with one of the "Big Four" accounting and advisory firms. Marijana's experience has led her to interact with various cultures and teams across the globe.

Kevin's expertise comes from over 20 years as a project manager. In 2005, Kevin earned an MBA from Duke University.

Together, Kevin and Marijana pledge to you, our customers, that we will always make decisions that are aligned with the best practices in the industry. We acknowledge that without you, our customer, we will never have the opportunity to engage in the business that we enjoy so much.

As parents, Kevin and Marijana understand the absolute need to trust the products that we use when caring for our children. 

From food to clothing, trust is an essential part of being able to care for your baby. When Kevin and Marijana decided to start Hera + Hermes, they knew that the items they sell would have to be authentic and of the best quality available. Several of our suppliers are located in the fashion centers of Italy. These suppliers are well-established entities and have an excellent reputation for delivering garments directly from the brand itself.

Hera and Hermes promisees to work within the Best Practices of the online community and the standards set forth by the Fashion industry.  

Sourcing the Clothing:

Many of the companies that Hera + Hermes represent go to great lengths to protect their brands. 

These suppliers work directly with renowned manufactures that they have a long-standing relationship with. To control the distribution of their garments, many companies supply the manufacturer with exact amounts of fabric and hologram labels. When the manufacturing process is complete, all of the fabric and labels have to be accounted for. For example, the Dolce & Gabbana coats that Hera and Hermes offer all have the proprietary hologram label.

Hera + Hermes sells clothing from well-established brands (as a re-sale from distributors and others are sourced directly from brands) that consistently demonstrate efforts to eliminate counterfeit clothing.  

The Authenticity of Hera + Hermes:

Hera + Hermes is legally incorporated in the State of Florida. Hera + Hermes has a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) established with the United States Federal Government.

The website is powered by an engine that utilizes a SaaS platform. The software company that runs Hera + Hermes was founded in 2009 and they represent major corporations from all over the world. Reliable and trustworthy e-commerce ranks high on Hera + Hermes's priorities; all software is sourced with professional partners.


Hera + Hermes uses an automated system to manage shipping, and delivery, which reduces to a minimum the potential for error. Hera + Hermes only allows UPS, FedEx,DHL and the US Postal Service to handle your purchase. Instead of letting price determine your product's delivery, Hera + Hermes chooses reputable and experienced companies to deliver your orders.


As part of the authentication process in the on-line market, Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna and other large financial institutions have all vetted Hera + Hermes throughly.