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Welcome to Hera and Hermes, a sanctuary of joy nestled in the heart of sun-kissed Miami, Florida. We are the intersection where the sparkle of childhood dreams meets the joy of fashion. This is a place where the twinkle in a child's eyes dances with fashion, where each day is a vibrant adventure waiting to be explored.

Our Story:

Our journey begins with a golden-haired girl from Southern Europe, who traversed continents with a suitcase of dreams and an unwavering fascination for fashion. 

She found beauty in Japanese silk, comfort in Peruvian wool, mystery in Indian embroidery, and spirit in African prints. She realized clothing wasn't merely fabric, but a tapestry of stories. Stories of people, places, and times. As she grew, she fell in love with most amazing man and they were blessed with a golden-haired boy.

As I ventured to dress my son, I found myself wandering the aisles of a children's clothing store searching for those beautiful stories that had once captivated me. But, instead of vibrant hues and whimsical patterns, I was met with plain, dare I say, drearily monotonous color palettes and underwhelming quality. These items seemed far removed from the vivacity and joy , synonymous with childhood.

Peeling back the labels, I discovered an additional layer to the narrative, a layer that was anything but pretty.

I discovered that many of the clothes (especially kid’s clothes) were made unethically, often in poor working conditions, using unsustainable materials that weren't just harmful to the planet but could potentially affect our kids' health too. This was my Mount Everest. I knew I needed to climb it.

So, I did what any parent who was desperate to make a difference would do: I took a leap of faith. I swam against the tide in the deepest seas of the fashion industry, navigating the choppy waters of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and quality. It was an adventure, not an easy one, but definitely a worthwhile one. And out of this journey, our brand was born. Finally, I was able to put each outfit and for that outfit to became a story, an adventure, a snapshot of the world I had explored. This mosaic of memories birthed Hera + Hermes.

Our Values:

At Hera and Hermes, we stand by five core values, each brought to life by a unique characters in our logo - Noah, Olivia, Emma, Theodore and Ava:

  1. Sustainability - Noah, the personified Earth-loving warrior, is our ambassador of sustainability. He cherishes nature's grandeur, making sure that at Hera + Hermes, we source materials responsibly, helping to preserve the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

  2. Ethical Production - Olivia, the personified fairness advocate, stands for respect and dignity in every interaction. She's the guiding force behind our commitment to ethical practices at Hera + Hermes, ensuring that every piece we offer carries a story of decency and respect.

  3. Quality - Emma, the personified detail-oriented perfectionist, is all about quality. She's the reason why our garments aren't just clothes, but crafted experiences. Emma ensures each piece is made to the highest standards, ready to stand the joy, adventures, and demands of childhood.

  4. Innovation - Theodore, the personified bold explorer, embraces innovation with a spirit of adventure. His imaginative nature is mirrored in our unique, forward-thinking designs at Hera + Hermes. Guided by Theodore, we ensure our collections are not only sustainable and ethically produced but also stylish, comfortable, and perfectly suited for every childhood journey.

  5. Benevolence - Ava, the personified kind-hearted nurturer at Hera + Hermes, exemplifies benevolence. Her compassionate spirit is echoed in our pledge to channel a fraction of every Hera + Hermes purchase towards charities, using fashion to effect meaningful change in the world.

 Our Mission:

Dressing the Future!

Our Promise: To offer sustainably made, ethically sourced children's clothing that parents trust and kids adore. We envision a fashion world that respects all - from the children wearing our clothes to those who craft them.

Understanding that trust is crucial, we provide reassuring customer service, including hassle-free shipping. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Behind Hera + Hermes are founders Marijana and Kevin. Combining decades of expertise and a shared love for fashion, they've created a brand that aligns with the best industry practices, placing customer needs and sustainability at the forefront.

At Hera + Hermes, you're not just buying clothes. You're nurturing your child's imagination, creating memories, and contributing to a sustainable future. Shop with us and make a difference. 

Our Vision:

Inspiring Self-Expression and Sustainability in Children's Fashion!

Our vision is to be global movement in children's fashion, blending creativity with sustainability, inspiring children to express their unique styles, and advocating for a future that celebrates every child and values our planet

We aspire to inspire, nurturing the seeds of individuality in every child, empowering them to be the authors of their own style stories. At the heart of our vision is a world where every child, in every corner, feels seen, celebrated, and free to express their unique spark through fashion.

Hera and Hermes Spotlight:

Unveiling the Inspirational Journey of Our Visionary CEO and Her Innovative Spirit

 Our Legal Establishment: Ensuring Trust and Transparency:

We're a legally incorporated entity in Florida, with our website powered by a reputable SaaS platform. Our shipping partners include the likes of UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the US Postal Service. We're vetted by payment giants like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Klarna, and we proudly wear the badges of Google Trusted Store and Pinterest Verified Merchant.

We dress your child not just for today, but for the adventure of a lifetime. So, step into our world. Let's spin a tale together, where every garment is a story, every accessory an adventure, and every child is the star of their own fashion tale.

 "Dress them in style, make them smile. Embrace the fun, under the sun."