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  • Cover of 'Where the Wise Things Grow' featuring colorful, magical illustrations. Back Cover of 'Where the Wise Things Grow' featuring colorful, magical illustrations. A vibrant story scene from 'Where the Wise Things Grow' teaching kids about kindness.

    Where the Wise Things Grow - Hard Cover

    Teach your children the transformative power of positive values, crucial for their growth. Are you among the many parents who emphasize nurturing care, honesty, kindness, and more in their kids? This book blends magic with morals, introducing children to...

  • Plump unicorn plush with gold glitter horn and pink knots, perfect for cuddling and sensory play Snuggly soft unicorn with glittery details and pink legwarmers, ready to gift in a charming box

    Twinkle Knot Unicorn

    Enter a world of whimsy with our Plump Adorable Unicorn plush, where fantasy meets tactile delight. This unicorn isn't just fancy with its gold glitter horn, shoes, and ears; it's a sensory treasure trove with its snuggly soft fabric body, adorned with...

  • Plush mouse in jumper with heart purse and gold glitter details, designed for comfort and style Adorable plush mouse with gold star accents and whimsical whiskers, comes in a gift box

    Tooth Fairy Friend Glitter Charm Mouse

    Embrace the charm with our Sweet Little Mouse, a plush companion that merges enchanting design with a sprinkle of magic. Dressed in an adorable jumper and boasting a heart-shaped purse, this mouse is a stylish playmate ready to capture hearts. Its golden...

  • Exquisite ivory bear with navy blue and silver bow tie, luxuriously soft and designed in France. Sophisticated ivory plush bear with silver-threaded fabric, perfect for gifting in its elegant box.

    Preppy Chic: Ivory Teddy Bear

    Embrace the luxurious embrace of our exquisite Ivory Bear, dressed to impress with a suave bow tie and wrapped in navy blue fabric kissed with silver threads. This bear isn't just a plush toy, but a symbol of timeless elegance and comfort, designed to be...

  • Soft and safe ballet hippo plush in black, adorned with delicate satin details.

    Pink Tutu Hippo Ballerina Plush

    Grace your little one’s playtime with Histoire D'ours' Hippo, a lovable plush that brings the art of dance into your home. Adorned in a chic black tutu with a pint-sized tulle bow and satin accents, this plush hippo is ready to perform pirouettes...

  • Navy Blue Bandana Hippo Plush

    Navy Blue Bandana Hippo Plush

    Set sail on a sea of cuddles with the Navy Blue Bandana Hippo, a plush companion that combines traditional charm with a nautical twist. Adorned with a navy blue plush coat and a stylish bandana featuring bluish floral motifs, this hippo is on a mission...

  • Mint green plush dinosaur with realistic details and soft fur, perfect for imaginative play. Soft stuffed animal dinosaur with baby dino features and a cute tail, designed for cuddling.

    Sweet Baby Stuffed Animal Dinosaur

    Step back into the enchanting era of dinosaurs with the Histoire D’ours Stuffed Animal Dinosaur. Adorned in soft mint green fur, this adorable prehistoric creature brings the wonders of ancient times to the modern nursery with a touch of luxury and...

  • Baby’s first slippers with adorable bunny design and soft rattle feature, for 0-6 months. Soft rattle bunny slippers in gift box, safe and luxurious for baby’s feet. French-designed baby slippers with cute bunny and rattle, perfect for infants.

    Cherry the Bunny - Booties with Rattle

    Introduce your little one to their first steps of fun with our adorable bunny slippers, designed to delight and engage with every kick. These aren't just slippers; they're an experience, featuring a gentle rattle that captures attention and rewards...

  • Plush Beige Chicken with vibrant accents, perfect for educational farm life play.

    Chic Countryside Chicken

    Introducing the Beige Chicken, a stunning representation of rustic beauty and charm. This plush creation is designed to capture the essence of farm life and bring it into your home with elegance. It’s not just a toy; it's an educational companion...

  • Little monarch donning the Royal Bee Pyjamas with a detailed bee design and regal motif. Close-up of the Royal Bee print by artist Rose Jocham on soft, premium cotton fabric. Full ensemble of Royal Bee Pyjamas, showcasing their smart fit and sustainable design. Royal Bee: Luxury 100% Cotton PJs Set Royal Bee: Luxury 100% Cotton PJs Set

    Royal Bee: Luxury 100% Cotton PJs Set

    Drape your little prince or princess in the regal splendor of our Royal Bee Pyjamas. An exquisite blend of artistry and comfort, this new print is meticulously crafted to transport your child to a realm of royal dreams. Product Specification: Artist...

  • Close-up of the Jungle Pyjama fabric, showcasing detailed tigers amidst lush green foliage on 200 thread count cotton Full-view of Jungle Pyjamas accentuated with pearlized buttons, emerald green piping, and a functional chest pocket Jungle Dreams: Tigers & Foliage Kids' PJs Set Little adventurer in Jungle Pyjamas, surrounded by the allure of roaring tigers and vivid foliage.

    Jungle Dreams: Tigers & Foliage Kids' PJs Set

    Awaken the spirit of adventure in your little explorer with our Jungle Pyjamas. Engulfed in a symphony of roaring tigers and lush green foliage, this signature print is a ticket to wild, whimsical dreams. Echoing timeless elegance, our classic cut is...

  • Complete look of the Floral Disco pyjamas showcasing pearlised buttons, electric blue piping, and a handy chest pocket. Detailed view of hand-illustrated floral and disco ball design on soft 200 thread count cotton fabric Child gleaming in Floral Disco Classic Pyjamas adorned with flowers and glimmering disco balls

    Floral Disco Classic 100% Cotton Pajamas

    Turn every night into a PJ party with the Floral Disco Classic Pyjamas! Hand-illustrated with delicate floral designs intermingled with shimmering disco balls, these pyjamas bring an exclusive touch to bedtime. Breaking free from conventional unisex...

  • Complete pyjama set showcasing elegant revere collar shirt and matching long pants with lobster motif.

    Kids' Red Lobster 100% Organic Cotton Pyjama

    Set sail on a bedtime voyage with our Red Lobster Kids Pyjama Long Pants Set. Echoing the sophistication of our adult collection, this mini-me marvel is meticulously crafted from 100% soft organic cotton. Perfectly designed for young, sensitive skins,...

  • Elegant view of pyjama shirt with revere collar and matching trousers in Pink Tiger On Blue theme.

    Kids' 100% Organic Cotton Pajama

    Unleash the magic of dreamy adventures with our Pink Tiger On Blue Kids Pyjama Trouser Set. Drawing inspiration from our sophisticated adult range, this mini-me edition is fashioned from 100% soft organic cotton. Precisely crafted to cherish young...

  • Kids' Blue Leopards 100% Organic Cotton Pyjama

    Kids' Blue Leopards 100% Organic Cotton Pyjama

    Transform bedtime into a fashionable fiesta with our Blue Leopards Kids Pyjama Trouser Set! Echoing the charm of our adult range, this miniature masterpiece has been lovingly crafted with 100% soft organic cotton. Tailored to pamper the delicate skin of...

  • Full view of stylish Kids Pyjama Short Set showcasing revere collar shirt and elasticated shorts.

    100% Organic Cotton Kids Pyjama Set - Red Lobster

    Every child deserves a touch of luxury and comfort at bedtime, and with our Kids Pyjama Short Set, you're gifting them just that! Inspired by the elegance of our grown-up range, this mini-me version is thoughtfully designed to ensure your little one...

  • A collection of seven handblown Murano glass white elephants, showcasing artistry and symbolizing good fortune. Detailed view of the Murano Glass Elephant Set, illuminating the intricate craftsmanship in each figure. Murano glass elephants in various sizes, reflecting elegance and majesty, perfect for home or office decor.

    Murano Glass 7- piece Elephant Set

    Imagine a spectacle of glass, luminescence, and elegance that captures the tranquil yet powerful essence of the elephant. Each figurine in the Murano Glass White Elephant Set is a portal to a world where art and spirituality coalesce. Handblown to...

  • A Murano glass set featuring two intricately crafted frogs holding a heart, symbolizing love and connection. Handmade lampwork glass frogs, a male and female, showcasing detailed craftsmanship, perfect for gifting Close-up of the Murano glass love frogs set, highlighting the artistry and vibrant colors, made in Italy.

    Handmade Murano Glass Love Frogs Set

    Picture this – two frogs, crafted from the finest Murano glass, their eyes gleaming with the tender tale of love. Our Murano Glass Frog with Heart Set is more than an ornament; it’s a narrative, a poetic expression of love, frozen forever in...

  • Handmade Glass Serving Bowl featuring an intricately crafted octopus, ideal for snacks and nuts. Elegant Octopus Glass Bowl, showcasing detailed artistry, perfect as a housewarming gift.

    Handmade Octopus Murano Glass Serving Bowl

    Behold the elegance and functionality amalgamated in our exquisite Glass Serving Bowl with Octopus. It’s where artistic craftsmanship meets utility, a piece designed not just to serve but to adorn your culinary experiences. The meticulously crafted...

  • Vividly handcrafted Glass Lemon Tree Sculpture, showcasing vibrant lemons and lush green leaves.

    Hand Made Lemon Tree Murano Glass Sculpture

    There’s something magical about the zest of lemons caught in the silent elegance of glass. Each Glass Lemon Tree is a narrative, where the silent echoes of spring come to life in vibrant yellows and lush greens, all meticulously handblown, turning...

  • Handmade Boxing Kangaroo Glass Sculpture showcasing intricate craftsmanship and dynamic posture Close-up of the detailed lampwork in the Boxing Kangaroo Glass Art, accentuating its elegance.

    Red Gloves Boxing Kangaroo Glass Art

    Every home deserves a centerpiece that’s not just seen, but felt. Our Boxing Kangaroo isn’t just a sculpture but a narrative carved from the delicate dance of fiery flames and skillful hands. It’s where audacity and elegance converge,...

  • A set of 7 colorful glass elephants, each showcasing intricate craftsmanship and vibrant hues. Close-up of the glass elephant set, highlighting the gradient of sizes and the spectrum of colors. The lucky glass elephants displayed in an elegant setting, radiating charm and auspicious vibes.

    Lucky 7 piece Glass Elephant Set

    Imagine your space adorned with seven meticulously crafted glass elephants, each a harbinger of luck and a masterpiece of art. With every glance, you’re not just beholding an ornament, but experiencing a narrative crafted by the seasoned hands of...

  • Three Murano glass cats in red, brown, and black, each playing with colorful balloons.

    Murano Glass Cats with Balloons Trio

    In the silent eloquence of the cat trio, discover an ode to artistry. Each cat, a masterpiece; each balloon, a flight of fantasy. Beyond the playful posture and radiant hues lies the soul of an artist, weaving stories of playful cats forever suspended in...

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