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Nov 11th 2022

We had the good fortune of connecting with WEE MONSTER founders Connie and Jakki and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Connie and Jakki, we appreciate you finding some time for us today. Let's introduce yourself and give our readers some of your backgrounds. Tell us what the Wee Monster brand is, how the idea was born, why you chose fashion designing as a career, etc.

  • Wee Monster is all about celebrating the idea - "KIDS SHOULD BE KIDS." We want Wee Monster to create a space where kids don't need to fit into a box or shape. It's not just about the cool kids clothes - it's the philosophy we've built and hope to continue building. We want kids to feel CONFIDENT, HAPPY, COOL.

How did you come up with the name Wee Monster?

  • We've always thought our own kids were such MONSTERS. We were thinking somewhere along the lines of Tiny Monsters, Little Monsters... but at 2am, WEE MONSTER just came to us. We registered for the domain, and the rest is history.

What was the main inspiration behind the latest collection? AW22 

  • Thinking back to when we were designing for Autumn/Winter 2022, it was late 2021. Pandemic was still here, after two years. We just wanted to spark some fun again. Celebrate the good days. Retro vibes, silly goose, all of the above.

Who and which things are the inspiration while creating any design? Where do you derive inspiration for the beautiful prints that we see in your clothing?

  • Always - the kids. It's all about the kids and what they're into at the moment. From ballet (we used to make tutu dresses) to skateboarding and tacos, we've done it!

What would be the best advice to someone who may be starting a new business? According to you, what skills are necessary for becoming a successful fashion designer?

  • Don't give up! There will be so many bad days, but you just have to take it day by day. Know your goal and shoot for it. There will be so much noise all the time, but you gotta stick true to your brand. As for designing or any other industry, you really have to learn the ins and outs of your business. Know the production process from start to finish. Marketing. Build relationships. All of it.

What work ethics do you believe in while working with fashion?

  • Keep your dignity and principles grounded - don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

How do you choose your denim, and where are they sourced from?

  • All our items are designed and made in Los Angeles. Denim was a trend we loved since the beginning, and it's still our best seller to this day.

What motivates you to keep going when times get tough?

  • We do everything for the kids. We want to inspire our monsters, especially our daughters, to show them that hard work pays off and don't give up even on the really bad days.

What will be the must-buy fashion item for next summer?

  • EVERYTHING Wee Monster! We'll be launching some new categories ;)

See the collection of this amazing brand at the link below.