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Ensuring Child Safety: Why We Choose Not to Sell Kids' Makeup

Ensuring Child Safety: Why We Choose Not to Sell Kids' Makeup

Jun 7th 2023

Our responsibility as a company dedicated to the welfare of our youngest customers is to nourish, protect, and safeguard the essence of this precious period. We extend this care to every corner of our operations. Consequently, we have made a conscious choice not to stock a product category that some might expect in our lineup - children's makeup. This resolution, deeply rooted in our guiding principles, emerges from many concerns surrounding the implications of makeup use in kids.

The Physical Health Implications

Children's skin is a canvas that nature is still delicately painting. It is a protective shield in its early stages, hence particularly vulnerable. Makeup, often filled with a cocktail of chemical additives and synthetic dyes, can disrupt this ongoing masterpiece, leading to a catalog of skin disorders, from minor irritation to severe allergies and potentially even chronic conditions like eczema. This detrimental influence on a child's physical health is a risk we will not endorse.

A recent study further substantiates our apprehensions. It reveals that children using all types of body glitter, face paint, lip gloss, nail polish, and fragrances expose their rapidly developing bodies to hormone-disrupting chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, perfluorochemicals, and heavy metals like lead. According to a team from Columbia University, these chemicals have been linked to cancer, neurodevelopmental harm, and other severe irreversible health conditions (read more here Columbia University )


Implications on Mental Health and Body Image

Stepping beyond physical health, there is a psychological battlefield to contemplate. The premature introduction of makeup may introduce the concept of aesthetic alteration, instigating feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. During these formative years, as children sketch their identity, the pencil they hold must sculpt a positive body image, unhindered by cosmetic pressures.

Encouraging Natural Self-expression

In place of makeup, we champion natural self-expression. Childhood, the spring of life, should be a torrent of exploration, self-discovery, and authentic expression. Instead of fostering a culture of superficial beautification, we inspire kids to let their individuality shine through their clothing choices, accessories, hobbies, and activities that nourish their budding personalities and contribute to a vibrant self-image.

The Influence of Media and Peer Pressure

The formidable forces of media and escalating peer pressure significantly nudge children toward the early adoption of makeup. Such influences often present a distorted mirror reflecting an unrealistic beauty ideal, creating a labyrinth of potentially damaging beauty standards. By consciously deciding not to sell children's makeup, we strive to shatter this warped mirror, advocating for a beauty perception that celebrates individual uniqueness and authenticity.

Parental Concerns and Ethical Responsibility

Our interactions with parents echo our concerns. They frequently express apprehension about their children's use of makeup. Recognizing the weight of these worries, our ethical duty is to mirror these sentiments in our product offerings. By abstaining from selling kids' makeup, we aim to safeguard their trust and promote products that contribute positively to the children's experiences.

The Power of Early Education

We are not merely refraining from selling kids' makeup but rechanneling our efforts towards early education on self-care, healthy habits, and self-esteem. This approach will arm children with essential life skills and cultivate a healthy relationship with their bodies and appearances. Thus, how do you avoid these hazardous chemicals and keep your kids safe? Follow one simple rule: if you cannot eat it, do not put it on your kid's lips, skin, or face.