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Mar 15th 2021

Dolce and Gabbana

“It’s all a game, with new rules every season.” - Stefano Gabbana

Artists are intricate creatures, often misunderstood souls who wander in a universe of beauty, abstraction, and creativity while we mortals pay our bills and fix supper. One part couldn’t live without the other –as we both need from each other. But seldom do artists recognize the need for others in their work line; most of them guard their ideas with zealous, continually fearing someone will rob the spotlight for them. You could say fashion is an individualistic path. That’s is why it is remarkable to find a couple of people who have managed to work together, rise to fame together, and stayed together –despite their personal differences. We are talking about the duo that portrays style and glamour with just their initials: D&G.

Domenico Dolce was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1958. His love for fashion is no surprise since his father was a tailor, and his family owned a clothing factory. The logical step for him became working in Milan, where his path crossed with Stefano Gabanna.

Gabanna was born and raised in Milan in 1962. After studying graphic design and doubting whether to pursue a career in advertising, he turned his focus to fashion. There he worked as an assistant at an atelier in Milan, where he first met Dolce. From 1982, their partnership began. In 1984, they first had the opportunity to present their creations at Milan’s Fashion Week, where they were acclaimed. From there, it all went fast: launching their women’s collection, opening a boutique in Japan, launching a men’s collection, and finally opening their boutique in Milan.

The fantastic duo caught the eye of the Queen of Pop herself, as they were chosen to design 1,500 costumes for Madonna’s tour called “The Girlie Show” in 1993. Madonna kept hiring them for subsequent work, creating outfits for her and her entourage.

"Luxury is not a static concept, but it shapes and changes with society. Now somebody who might not have the time to come to one of our boutiques can shop online." -  Stefano Gabbana

Instead of asking, what do Dolce and Gabanna do? We should ask, what haven’t they done? They have designed swimming and underwear lines, launched a perfume collection –which has earned them many accolades and awards –created a line of cosmetics, created jewelry… and the list keeps ongoing. By 2005 their revenues reached 600 million euros.

“The worst times can be the best if you think with positive energy.” - Domenico Dolce

Experts worldwide agree Dolce and Gabanna have created a unique brand; those single letters mean a universe of emotions for many people: seductiveness, fashion, luxury. A fun fact about the brand is that they have never obtained the matching internet address One of the oldest domains on the web initially belonged to a now-defunct company called Data General. When the company ceased operations, the URL went to Dollar General, who purchased it after a lengthy bidding battle with the Italian designers.

Partners in every sense of the word, the couple ended their romantic relationship in 2005, but they remained together professionally. We mention that few artists can harmoniously collaborate with others without taints of jealousy or envy, but D&G has managed to accomplish so remarkably. Not only that, after their breakup, they put aside their personal differences for the sake of their business. How many people can do that? Dolce and Gabbana understand a concept most of us fail to synergy. The sum of two parts grows with their union.

Not everyone is in love with the designers and their personal remarks. In 2015, Dolce hurt some sensitive ears as he declared himself against in-vitro fertilization.

“I am gay. I cannot have a child. I believe you cannot have everything in life…. You are born from a father and a mother. Or at least that is how it should be.”

Domenico Dolce

It is hard to judge from a single statement what goes on the mind of the designer. In 2015 the winter collection was a celebration of motherhood. All the models wearing the collection walked onto the catwalk accompanied by their own children. The Italian designers have always praised the concept of family and how Italian bonds seem to be tighter. Maybe it is not so much about being against something, for them, and to reminiscence on how good it was to grow up in a nurturing, conventional family. Disagreement, or respect, to this couple that conquered the pop world through their innovative creations; a wonderful reminder that when we unite, we are better.