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  • photo of Doudou et Compagnie My Ballerina by DOUDOU

    Doudou et Compagnie My Ballerina

    Are you ready for your baby girl's first ballet lesson? She is excited, and we know you are too! This soft doll dressed in a pink dress is a perfect gift, and she will be the best friend to take...

  • Plump unicorn plush with gold glitter horn and pink knots, perfect for cuddling and sensory play Snuggly soft unicorn with glittery details and pink legwarmers, ready to gift in a charming box

    Twinkle Knot Unicorn

    Enter a world of whimsy with our Plump Adorable Unicorn plush, where fantasy meets tactile delight. This unicorn isn't just fancy with its gold glitter horn, shoes, and ears; it's a sensory treasure...

  • Plush mouse in jumper with heart purse and gold glitter details, designed for comfort and style Adorable plush mouse with gold star accents and whimsical whiskers, comes in a gift box

    Tooth Fairy Friend Glitter Charm Mouse

    Embrace the charm with our Sweet Little Mouse, a plush companion that merges enchanting design with a sprinkle of magic. Dressed in an adorable jumper and boasting a heart-shaped purse, this mouse is...

  • Exquisite ivory bear with navy blue and silver bow tie, luxuriously soft and designed in France. Sophisticated ivory plush bear with silver-threaded fabric, perfect for gifting in its elegant box.

    Preppy Chic: Ivory Teddy Bear

    Embrace the luxurious embrace of our exquisite Ivory Bear, dressed to impress with a suave bow tie and wrapped in navy blue fabric kissed with silver threads. This bear isn't just a plush toy, but a...

  • Soft and safe ballet hippo plush in black, adorned with delicate satin details.

    Pink Tutu Hippo Ballerina Plush

    Grace your little one’s playtime with Histoire D'ours' Hippo, a lovable plush that brings the art of dance into your home. Adorned in a chic black tutu with a pint-sized tulle bow and satin...

  • Navy Blue Bandana Hippo Plush

    Navy Blue Bandana Hippo Plush

    Set sail on a sea of cuddles with the Navy Blue Bandana Hippo, a plush companion that combines traditional charm with a nautical twist. Adorned with a navy blue plush coat and a stylish bandana...

  • Mint green plush dinosaur with realistic details and soft fur, perfect for imaginative play. Soft stuffed animal dinosaur with baby dino features and a cute tail, designed for cuddling.

    Sweet Baby Stuffed Animal Dinosaur

    Step back into the enchanting era of dinosaurs with the Histoire D’ours Stuffed Animal Dinosaur. Adorned in soft mint green fur, this adorable prehistoric creature brings the wonders of ancient...

  • Baby’s first slippers with adorable bunny design and soft rattle feature, for 0-6 months. Soft rattle bunny slippers in gift box, safe and luxurious for baby’s feet. French-designed baby slippers with cute bunny and rattle, perfect for infants.

    Cherry the Bunny - Booties with Rattle

    Introduce your little one to their first steps of fun with our adorable bunny slippers, designed to delight and engage with every kick. These aren't just slippers; they're an experience, featuring a...

  • Plush Beige Chicken with vibrant accents, perfect for educational farm life play.

    Chic Countryside Chicken

    Introducing the Beige Chicken, a stunning representation of rustic beauty and charm. This plush creation is designed to capture the essence of farm life and bring it into your home with elegance...

  • Bunny Cuddles plush, featuring long ears, pink accents, and fluffy legwarmers, holding a small doudou blanket for baby’s comfort. Close-up of Bunny Cuddles’ exquisite detailing, showcasing the soft, luxurious fabric, designed to offer ultimate comfort and safety.

    Bunny Cuddles Luxury Plush

    Embrace the softest touch, the warmest cuddles, and the purest affection with the "Bunny Cuddles Luxury Plush." Crafted with an unyielding commitment to quality, comfort, and safety, this luxurious...

  • The plush rabbit blanket beautifully presented in a gift-ready box, symbolizing an offering of warmth, luxury, and sensory delight for babies.

    Bunny Bliss Comfort Blanket

    Wrap your precious one in a world where softness meets safety, and elegance dances with comfort. The "Bunny Bliss Comfort Blanket" is more than a plush rabbit; it’s a journey through French...

  • Ella Ballerina Mouse adorned in a soft pink tutu and satin ballet shoes, epitomizing elegance and grace, ready for a ballet of cuddles

    Ella Ballerina Mouse

    Embrace Ella and let your little one dance into a world where the softest tulle meets the safest hug. Every stitch is a note of love, every detail, a step in a graceful dance. Ready to be unboxed,...

  • Ballet Beauty soft doll wearing a pink dress with tulle, polka-dot tights, and ballet slippers, epitomizing graceful elegance. Close-up of Ballet Beauty, highlighting the intricate details of her attire and the soft, hypoallergenic fabric safe for newborns. Ballet Beauty presented in a beautifully designed gift box, making it the perfect gift for little dancers from birth onwards.

    Ballet Beauty Soft Doll

    Bring home the "Graceful Ballet Beauty" and let your little one pirouette into a world of elegance, safety, and comfort. Every stitch is a promise of quality, every detail, an echo of love, and every...

  • King Bear plush toy in beige, wearing a gold crown and white t-shirt, with stylish polka-dotted feet, symbolizing royal elegance and comfort Close-up of King Bear’s detailed craftsmanship, showcasing his gold crown and the soft, cuddly, baby-safe fabrics from Doudou et Compagnie

    Little King Bear Plush Stuffed Animal

    Meet the majestic King Bear, a plush stuffed animal designed to be your baby's first companion in their royal journey of growth and exploration. Every feature of King Bear is meticulously crafted to...

  • Newborn cradling Doudou's pastel blue and silky white bunny, illustrating the plush's softness and baby-friendly design Close-up of the luxurious bunny showcasing its delicate fabric and intricate French craftsmanship, symbolizing safety and quality Doudou’s plush bunny elegantly packaged, highlighting its readiness as a premium, safe, and cuddly gift for tender infant embraces.

    Luxurious Pastel Blue Bunny

    Leap into a world where each cuddle is a narrative of French luxury, safety, and artistic elegance with Doudou et Compagnie’s Adorable Bunny. Every stitch, every hue, and every touch is a...

  • Infant softly holding Doudou’s Royal King Bear, showcasing the plush texture and regal silver glitter crown, epitomizing luxury and safety.

    Plush King Bear with Crown

    Meet our Royal King Bear - a plush companion, intricately designed in France, where artistry meets quality. Adorned in a star polka-dot jumper and a glittering silver crown, this beige bear is...

  • Infant lovingly holding Doudou’s Pink Cat Lovie, showcasing the plush softness and safety features, perfect for tender cuddles Close-up view of the Pink Cat’s detailed design, highlighting the heart-shaped nose, glitter bow, and tactile loops for sensory exploration

    Dream Maker Cat Blanket Pal

    Welcome to a plush paradise, where French elegance intertwines with unmatched safety and quality. This isn’t just a love blanket - it’s a haven where every cuddle echoes the soft whisper of luxury,...

  • Baby cuddling Doudou’s soft, luxurious French-designed classic stuffed teddy bear, showcasing safety and comfort Close-up view showcasing the intricate, plush design of Doudou et Compagnie’s teddy bear, epitomizing elegance and safety The teddy bear beautifully packaged in a gift-worthy box, highlighting its readiness as the perfect present for young ones.

    Cuddle Buddy: Light Brown Bear

    Step into the plush embrace of French elegance with Doudou et Compagnie’s Classic Stuffed Teddy Bear. Every teddy is a narrative of luxury, safety, and the tender touch of world-class design. Ideal...