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Top 5 garment gifts for toddler girls for Winter 2020

Posted by H+H Editorial Team on Nov 2nd 2020

Whether you have an 18 months old, or a 3-year-old girl that plays around always looking for adventure, finding a perfect outfit for a toddler girl means finding something engaging. Your princess needs accessories to touch and play with, something that cultivates her creativity. Engaging and sometimes even educational apparel for kids is nowadays toys that our little ones wear. We have picked up a few of our favorites fashion items we think your little princess will love.

Here, our top picks for toddler girls:

1. STELLA McCARTNEY KIDS Yellow Submarine Bag - Limited Edition


It is one of the items you wish you were younger to have it. Luckily, if you have a toddler girl to give this bag to, you can borrow it while having a walk together.

Stella McCartney pays homage to her father’s iconic band The Beatles and one of their most famous songs Yellow Submarine. Carried by rainbow shoulder straps, this bag is shaped like a submarine and detailed with amazing cartoon-style graphics. Inside there’s just enough space for your little one fav accessories.

Composition: Outer and Lining 100% Polyester, Straps 100% Cotton

Measures: Height 11.8 in, Width 19.2 in, Depth 3.1 in

2. STELLA McCARTNEY KIDS High Top Wings Sneakers

Stella McCartney Wings Sneakers

This amazing, supercool, high-top sneakers are made in yellow, pink, and white faux leather with soft textile lining. Sneaker so fast you need to fasten them with laces, velcro strap, and side zip. Features eye-catching detail of detachable synthetic leather wings. We simply love them, she will love them too, as they are made for a Supergirl like she is.

3. DOLCE & GABBANA Houndstooth Pepita Tweed Coat with Clock and Frog Queen

This Dolce & Gabbana coat will wrap little girls in warmth during the coldest seasons. Made from warm fabric, this long-sleeve wool jacket helps her stay covered and provides plenty of comforts. Embroidered with an adorable frog queen and clock patch. Toys are on the coat, no need to bring additional ones.

Every single piece of those manufactured ‘’toys’’ are hand-made, and all differ in style one from another. Unique and beautiful, there are no two same pieces of this coat in the world.

Composition: 85% Virgin Wool, 13% Mohair Wool, 2% Polyamide.

4. MONCLER KIDS Red Down Puffer Vest

Moncler is famous for offering reliable protection against low temperatures thanks to high-quality materials, and kids' clothing of this brand is as much casual and luxurious as the lines for the grown-ups. Moncler is a perfect label for kids to play safely outdoors while it is cold, windy, and snowy.

This exclusive red quilted down vest from Moncler Kids features a hood and a sleeveless design. It is made of lightweight, waterproof polyamide and will give nice wind, water, and cold protection.

Composition: Outer & Lining 100% Polyamide (Soft, Shiny); Padding 90% Goose Down, 10% Feather.

5. FENDI Pink Girly Tutu Skirt


This gorgeous fairy tutu skirt is so posh, but at the same time, your princess will feel like prima ballerina assoluta. Heads will be spinning when she will be making her very first spin.

Why should she walk when she can dance? This skirt is here to make dance magical and is the perfect gift to her. Colorful pieces dedicated to children line hold extravagant, yet practical style. The skirt features elastic logo tape waistband and net tiered material.

FINAL REMARKS – What Matters the Most When Buying Clothes for Toddlers:

Look for quality:

Patterns might strike you immediately, attractive ones might distract your mind, but we are sure you always look for quality as well. This should be the first thing you take care of.

Good quality materials last longer and are not damaged easily. This is very important since your toddler might be rough and sometimes the clothes can be a toy replacement, too. On the other hand, make sure the quality standard is among your highest expectations since the clothes should be washed after every play.

Look for better prices:

Do not choose the least price products, because they might be made of cheap quality materials. On the other hand, look for discounted prices, different retailers have different prices for the same garment. Online retailers usually sell different brands and buy goods based on their customers’ preferences. Asked them directly what you are looking for, then make a pre-order if it is possible.

Look for longer duration:

If something is lasting longer, that will reduce your expenses. Toddlers are growing up fast, so make sure you buy something one size bigger. Don’t worry if you have mistaken the size. Not even a month or two will pass when a kid could wear a bigger size.

Look for a design attractive to kids:

Make sure the pants, dresses, and shirts have those adorable patterns kids will wear it willingly. Themes should always be something a toddler is happy or interested in, and the cut should be as such that a kid feels comfortable in it. Some garment items are playful, some are funny, and some even educational. Include them all in your kid’s wardrobe.