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Client Love

"The holiday dresses for my daughters were absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, Hera+Hermes!" - William, Atlanta, Georgia (December 2023)

"Impressed by the quality of their winter jackets – warm, stylish, and durable." - Mia, Chicago, Illinois (December 2023)

"Their festive collection made our holiday photos extra special this year!" - Benjamin, Hartford, Connecticut (December 2023)

"Love the eco-friendly packaging and the clothes are even more beautiful in person." - Sophia, Denver, Colorado (November 2023)

"Fast shipping and the clothes are even more beautiful than pictured online." - Sophia, Reno, Nevada (November 2023)

"The attention to detail in every piece makes each item feel exclusive." - Mason, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (November 2023)

"The Halloween costumes from Hera+Hermes were a hit! Unique and so well made." - Ethan, Boston, Massachusetts (October 2023)

"Hera+Hermes never disappoints. Their fall line is cozy, chic, and perfect for my little ones." - Isabella, Seattle, Washington (October 2023)

"Their customer service is top-notch. Had an issue resolved quickly and efficiently." - Noah, Austin, Texas (October 2023)

"I appreciate the size inclusivity in Hera+Hermes' latest collection. Every child feels special!" - Liam, Detroit, Michigan (September 2023)

"Their commitment to sustainable fashion is truly admirable and sets a great example." - Olivia, Raleigh, North Carolina (September 2023)

"Received so many compliments on my kids' Hera+Hermes outfits at our family gathering!" - Michael, Phoenix, Arizona (September 2023)

"Their back-to-school collection is fantastic. Durable, stylish, and my kids love them!" - Jacob, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (August 2023)

"The playful prints and soft fabrics are a hit with my kids. They're all about comfort!" - Emma, San Francisco, California (August 2023)

"Hera+Hermes' beachwear for kids is both stylish and comfortable. A big hit for our vacation!" - Olivia, San Diego, California (August 2023)

"The vibrant patterns and soft fabric make Hera+Hermes our go-to brand for our children's clothing." - Nancy, Omaha, Nebraska (July 2023)

"Hera+Hermes' clothing is not just stylish but also super comfortable for active kids." - Lucas, Portland, Maine (July 2023)

"The summer collection from Hera+Hermes is stunning – vibrant colors and perfect for the season!" - Emma, Miami, Florida (July 2023)

"Received so many compliments on my kids' Hera+Hermes outfits at our family gathering!" - Michael, Phoenix, Arizona (June 2023)

"Their customer service is top-notch. Had an issue resolved quickly and efficiently." - Noah, Austin, Texas (June 2023)

"High-quality, creative, and unique clothing - what's not to love about Hera+Hermes?" - Sarah, Dallas, Texas, May 2023

"Their sustainable approach to fashion is commendable, I'm glad to support Hera+Hermes!" - James, Los Angeles, California, May 2023

"My kids have sensitive skin, and the clothes from Hera+Hermes are perfect. They're soft, comfortable, and cause no irritation." - Angela, Houston, Texas, May 2023

"Such attention to detail in every piece of clothing. My kids feel special wearing Hera+Hermes." - Brian, Nashville, Tennessee, May 2023

"Hera+Hermes makes shopping for my children's clothes a breeze. Their online platform is user-friendly and efficient." - Nicole, Indianapolis, Indiana, April 2023

"The quality of Hera+Hermes clothing is consistent, and the service is excellent. Very satisfied." - David, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2023

"I admire their dedication to sustainability and high fashion standards. My kids look adorable in their outfits!" - Maria, Portland, Oregon, April 2023

"The clothing from Hera+Hermes are genuinely crafted to last. After several washes, they still look good as new!" - Andrew, Columbus, Ohio, April 2023

"Their clothes have sparked my kids' imagination. The designs are truly one-of-a-kind!" - Patricia, San Antonio, Texas, April 2023

"Shopping from Hera+Hermes has been a revelation. The high-quality, fashionable designs are a game-changer in children's wear." - Paul, Jacksonville, Florida, March 2023

"Hera+Hermes are raising the bar in kids' fashion. Love the creativity and craftsmanship!" - Karen, New York City, New York, March 2023

"Got my delivery earlier than expected. The quality, the colors, the design, everything is perfect!" - Robert, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2023

"I love that Hera+Hermes values quality over quantity. Their clothes are worth every penny." - Elizabeth, Memphis, Tennessee, March 2023

"Great design, and high-quality fabric. However, I found the sizing a bit off for my elder child." - Steven, Baltimore, Maryland, March 2023

"My kids are thrilled with their new clothes from Hera+Hermes! Fashionable, comfortable, and durable - what more could you ask for?" - Linda, Fort Worth, Texas, February 2023

"I've never seen my kids so excited about clothing! The unique, playful designs of Hera+Hermes are a hit." - Donald, Louisville, Kentucky, February 2023

"The clothes are fantastic, but the delivery took a bit longer than expected." - Kimberly, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2023

"Absolutely love the quality and designs. Just wish there were more options available for my toddler." - Scott, Kansas City, Missouri, February 2023

"The vibrant patterns and the soft fabric make Hera+Hermes our go-to brand for our children's clothing." - Nancy, Omaha, Nebraska, February 2023

"Hera+Hermes have truly nailed it in terms of style and comfort. Couldn't be happier with our purchases!" - Larry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 2023

"Fantastic shopping experience! The vibrant colors and patterns are refreshing." - Olivia, Austin, Texas, January 2023

"Hera+Hermes is the answer to fashionable and durable children's clothing. Highly recommended." - Thomas, San Francisco, California, January 2023

"The clothes are so soft and comfortable. My kids are already asking for more!" - Laura, Phoenix, Arizona, January 2023

"Exquisite designs and excellent customer service. Hera+Hermes never disappoints!" - Daniel, Denver, Colorado, January 2023

"The clothes are a big hit with my children. They love the playful designs!" - Jennifer, Miami, Florida, January 2023

"Our order arrived faster than expected, and the quality is just superb. Thank you, Hera+Hermes." - Christopher, Chicago, Illinois, January 2023

"The variety of styles is impressive, and the fit is just perfect for my kids. Great job!" - Jessica, Boston, Massachusetts, January 2023

"Hera+Hermes has exceeded our expectations. The clothes are not only stylish but also highly durable." - Mark, Atlanta, Georgia, January 2023

"I love the ethical sourcing and the stylish options. A big thumbs up from us!" - Emily, Seattle, Washington, January 2023

"The convenience and selection of Hera+Hermes are unparalleled. We're definitely returning customers." - Richard, Detroit, Michigan, January 2023

"Delighted with the speed of delivery and the stunning designs. Our kids adore their new outfits!" - Michael, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 2022

"Perfectly fitting, comfortable, and trendy clothes. Definitely our new go-to store for kids' fashion." - Patricia, San Diego, California, December 2022

"The attention to detail in each piece is truly remarkable. Thank you, Hera+Hermes!" - David, Dallas, Texas, December 2022

"I appreciate the eco-conscious packaging and the high-quality materials. Will certainly recommend!" - Angela, Houston, Texas, December 2022

"Stylish, durable, and affordable. Couldn't ask for more in kids' clothing!" - John, Portland, Oregon, December 2022

"Our little one's wardrobe has never looked better. The quality and style of Hera+Hermes clothing are unbeatable." - Samantha, Sydney, Australia, November 2022

"Great customer service and speedy delivery. The clothes are just adorable." - Catherine, Paris, France, November 2022

"Impressed with the quality and design. My kids just love their new outfits." - James, Tokyo, Japan, November 2022

"What a fantastic shopping experience! The vibrant colors and patterns are so refreshing." - Olivia, London, United Kingdom, November 2022

"Hera+Hermes is the answer to fashionable and durable children's clothing. Highly recommended." - Thomas, Toronto, Canada, November 2022

"Quality of this toy cant be really seen online! Its really great to and even better present!"-Adriana, Miami October 2022

"Was struggling to find colorful and chic kids clothing! My son loves the shirt, his fav color is blue! Quality is outstanding! I always come back to check what new you have. Love browsing your website."- Candy M., Tallahassee October 2022
 "Bought Golden Goose sneakers for my nephew, found them at the best price at Hera and Hermes." - Maxine, Mesa October 2022
"Got a shirt and sweatshirt from the same brand, prices are great for these brands and shipping is free" - Maxine, Mesa October 2022
"I didn't know that Stella McCartney has such great designs! Never shopped this brand before. My son is beyond happy, he calls this shirt his 'grumpy shirt' he loves the grumpy looking ice cream, brilliant idea" - Kate C, West Palm Beach October 2022
"Literally cannot get my daughter out of this sweatshirt. The velvet is so soft! we have a Frenchie so she is additionaly obsessed with it!" - Charlotte, Tulsa October 2022
"This D&G jacket is so beautiful! I love every little detail about it. My daughter is getting so many compliments. It's easy to wash and dry, and the quality, oh!" - Jasmine, Detroit October 2022
"We found this store by chance and we fell in love with it. So far I bough several items and the quality of all of them is amazing! But this piece is the best and my son loves it. Thank you!" - Mariana, October 2022
It's such an eye-catching piece. Thank you!"- Bianca, Dallas October 2022 2022
"Bought this for my daughter's 3rd birthday and she was a true star in it! Thanks!" - Tom, Miami October 2022
“I ordered the Stella McCartney dress, the fit was a bit smaller than expected but than I learned that Stella's collection is running smaller than others.. I received the dress 2 days later. You can't beat that. H+H is divine. So many compliments. Not only that, I got the dress for a great price. Will definitely shop through italist again.” - Angela, Doral September 2022
"I've just received my parcel and I'm absolutely delighted: fast delivery, pretty packing, and lovely items. Wonderful ! Thanks a lot- Best regards" - Ava, Phoenix September 2022 
"The item we ordered came quickly and as described. Good experience." - Penelope, Arlington September 2022
"Hi, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know, i received my packages today, i was very excited, everything is beautiful!!! Thank you again for all your help in making my order a pleasurable experience, can't wait to see my twin nieces and nephew in their clothes. I just put in another order.....Take care. Sincerely" - Isabella, Houston August 2022
"The ordering process was very simple. The quality of my purchase was top notch. I was a little skeptical ordering from the US to EU because of possible problems with customs and everything went well and I received my order within a few days. I will most certainly be ordering from them again." - Sofia, Brussel August 2022
"I wish to thank you all. It was gorgeous when this morning my kids call me to my office to inform me that the pack arrived!!, They were very happy with the Dino lunch boxes. Thank you again, the service was very fast and excellent!!" - Amelia, Chicago August 2022
"Hi, just received my package this morning. Everything's in order and I just love the stuff. Thank you!" – Andrea, San Francisco July 2022

"Dear Nina, Just a note to thank you for excellent, efficient service. The cat dress arrived successfully in New York yesterday and is now awaiting the big opening on Tara's birthday this Saturday. Many thanks again" – Sara, New York May 2022

"Hi , we've just spoken but I wanted to reiterate how grateful I am for your help - there will be two very happy little princesses in a week as a result of your efforts!! Thanks again!" - Maria, Miami - May 2022

"Love your store so much" – Danica, London April 2022

"Thank you so much. I LOVED all the items and that was the second time I order from the website because I liked the quality of the items and the quickness of delivery :) Thanx again and have a nice day Kind Regards" - Tom, Fenix - March 2022

"I have always have an amazing experience shopping from Hera and Hermes with their timing delivery and exceptional customer service when ever I have to return an item back. They have beautiful children clothes for all occasions and weather.!" - Avery, Miami March 2022

"I like the fast shipping and what they sell. That will be my new place to shop for my son" - Olivia, March 2022

"I heard about you from my friend and I just received my order and I would like to let you know that I'm definitely  happy customer!! I also would like to reassure International customer about you and your delivery: well packaged items, authenthic items (I bought a Stella McCartney shirt), fast delivery (5 days) and secure delivery.. I would like also to say thank to your customer service because they are kind and really's not easy to find a webstore like you!!" - Emma, Los Angeles - February 2022